The seaside area of the camp site offers is ideal for a diversity of water sports, such as:
– Windsurfing
– Sailing
– Underwater diving
– Water-skiing
There is, however, the opportunity for visitors to occupy themselves with other activities, other than water sports, on an individual basis or through organised courses, such as:
– Paragliding or Tandem Flying on the slopes of Mount Olympus
– Mountain Biking in the Lower Mount Olympus terrain in the areas of Kallipefki or Karya. (mountain bike)
– Climbing, Mountain Climbing or hiking in various areas of Mount Olympus.
– Organised off-road adventures via 4X4 Jeeps
– Horse Riding on the Delta of the Pineos River
– Canoeing at the Μοuth of the Pineos River (Estuary area)

With CASTLE CAMPING as a starting point, campers may alsoengage in sightseeing of the surrounding sites or experience the festivities and other cultural events that take place in the area.
Regarding entertainment, the area is bustling with tavernas, night clubs and a diversity of shops, never allowing for a dull moment of those interested.

– An excursion for mountain lovers and those who love Greek traditions, this excursion will take you to the old settlements of Old Panteleimon (traditional settlement) or Old Skotina and even higher up, crossing the forest area of the Lower Olympus region, till you reach Kallipefki (dried-up lake of the Nizeros Plateau) and Karya, Olympus. From there begins the descent, via the new forest road of Karya – Leptokaria, with an additional visit to the Kanalon Monastery on Mount Olympus.
– Another interesting route worth taking is the visit to Litochoro and walking through the Enipeas Gorge, which is a site of unique natural beauty. From there you will ascend on Mount Olympus via vehicle till the position of Prionia, while making an in-between stop at the old monastery of Agios Dionisios. There is also the opportunity for hikers to descend from the location of Prionia, via the ravine of Enipeas till the Monastery of Agios Dionisios, allowing them to admire the small waterfalls and lakes that the Enipeas Gorge forms (duration: 1,5 hours).
– From the location of Prionia also starts the climbing route to the peak of Mount Olympus (Peak Mytikas at 2917m altitude). This activity can be carried out by either doing it in a day or by stopping for the night at the shelter of Spilios Agapitos (Zolotas) (at 2100m altitude).
– Another activity of cultural interest is the visit to the archaeological site of Dion and the archaeological museum that is located there.
– Impressive sites can be admired by going on an excursion to the villages of the Lower region of Mount Olympus, Krania and Rapsani. These areas produce wine with a ‘Protected Area of Origin’ label. You may also visit the local wineries (Katsaros and Tsantalis).
– On the opposite side of the renown Tembi Valley, on Kissavos Mountain (Ossa), is the well-known settlement of Ampelakia, where the first Co-op Union in Greece was established in the 18th Century, while Greece was still under Ottoman Rule. Indeed, the renowned manor of Georgios Schwartz has been restored and can be visited.
Excursions, further away in distance, may also be carried out, using CASTLE CAMPING as your starting point.
– Visit to the Region of Meteora and visiting the monasteries which are located there (140km).
– A tour to the archaeological sites of Pella and Vergina(110 km and 90 km respectively).
– Visit to the shopping district of Thessaloniki, while visiting its museums and admiring the Byzantine churches within the city (100km)
– Boat tour of Mount Athos Monastery Region from Ouranoupolis, Chalkidiki (240km)

During the summer season, a diverse number of events take place within the campsite area. These events are of cultural or folklore interest, culminating in the famous Olympus Festival, which takes place throughout the whole of July and August.

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