CASTLE CAMPING offers 3 (three) different landscaped places for tents and caravans/mobile trailers.

– TYPE A (Large place). Area Size: 60-75sqm) for 1-3 small tents or 1 caravan.
– TYPE B (Medium place). Area Size: 40-50sqm) for 1 tent or 1 caravan.
– TYPE C (Small place). Area Size: 20-25 sqm) for 1 tent.


CASTLE CAMPING charges per night for:
– Per adult
– Children aged 2-10 years old with a discount of 40%
– The place of the camper, irregardless of the number of tents that use the particular site.
– The car (1 per place) is FREE OF CHARGE and is included in the price of the place.


– Free of charge electric power supply (220 V. 6 Amps per power supply).
– Taps with water, suitable for drinking.
– Toilets, Free of charge provision of hot water for showering, washing clothes and dishes.
– Free of charge, communal refrigerator and freezer
– Automatic washing machines and driers available via using coin slots
– Free of charge internet access “WIFI”
– Free of charge safety deposit box (available at the reception)

– Entrance opening hours: 07: 00-24: 00
– Reception opening hours (for arrivals and departures): 9: 00-21: 00
– Upon Arrival all campers are required to submit form of identification (identity card or passport) at the reception. Campers consent and agree to the process of registering their personal data which is mandatory for their stay at the campsite.
– CHECK OUT. The site must be vacant at departure, which is until 13:00.
– CHECK IN. Available after 14:00, if already occupied by a previous customer.
– Cancellation of a reservation can be accepted by only one week before arrival at the campsite. In case of late cancellation the campsite is not obliged to return the advance deposit, unless the place has been rented up by another customer.
– In case of late arrival, the reception must be informed beforehand.If such notice is not provided the reception will keep the site until 13:00 the following day. After that time the place will be allocated to another customer.
– The car (1 per place) enters and stays FREE OF CHARGE in the campsite, inside or in front of the place. Some places do not have parking spaces, and in this case the car remains in a parking area outside the campsite.
– It is strictly forbidden for campers to invite and accept visitors for a daily stay at the camping site.
– Quiet hours: 24:00-8:00 & 15:00-17:00. During this time, it is strictly forbidden to play the radio, television or musical instruments.
– Inside the campsite lighting a fire is strictly forbidden. BBQs and grilling is permitted within designated BBQs , taking all necessary precautions. There are fire extinguishers and special fire hydrants with fire-fighting hoses within different areas of the campsite grounds.
– The water taps in the camping have drinking water. No dishwashing is allowed or generally any polluting. Special basins can be used in the WC areas.
– Pets are permitted at the campsite only if the “TERMS & CONDITIONS OF STAY for PETS” of the campsite are followed. These are available at the reception.
– Security of personal items is the sole responsibility of the camper. The campsite is NOT RESPONSIBLE for theft, loss or damage of personal effects of the camper, caused by fires, natural disasters or acts of terrorism other than those covered from the campsite’s “civil liability”.
Entering and staying at the Campsite fullmeans acceptance of the above “OPERATION REGULATION-TERMS & CONDITIONS”