The campsites will operate this summer on the base of the same Health Protocols that were established last season, at the beginning of the pandemic.

So we list below only those articles that concern you and must be observed exactly, both for the protection of all of us and for the avoidance of violations and penalties.



Project manager for handlingthe operational plan in possible cases of Covid 19 infection:


Camping coordinator for COVID19 cases’ prevention and complying with the special protocol and guidelines of the NPHO: SPILIOS THEODOROPOULOS mob. 6977330369

1. Operational Plan for handling possible cases of COVID-19 infection

a. Adherence to the operational plan for handling possible cases according to NPHO see at the reception of the camping. (Appendix ΙΙΙ).

2. The incidents and measures applied are recorded in the COVID-19 Incident Book

3. Adequacy and proper use of PPE * (Personal Protective Equipment)

4. The customers must be informed about their obligation to follow protective measures against COVID-19 infection.

5. Health Coordinator of the campsite to be appointed for the prevention of COVID – 19 possible cases and complying with NPHO’s guidelines and special protocol

6. Social distancing 

a. A distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained in all indoor and outdoor areas between people that do not belong to the same family or company or do not stay in the same campsite.

b. In the campsite’s indoor covered public areas, social distancing policy should be maintained by adopting special marking and controlled entry measures, so that a minimum distance of 1.5 meter between people, who will also wear a fabric mask, should be kept.

7. Report a violation

Any violation of the instructions and regulations should be reported to the coordinator.

8. Staff’s training

9. Avoid live transactions. Recommendation of online transactions as well as telephone communications

9Α. Campsite

Entrance, pass through or stay, as well as facilities’ usage is not allowed to non residents of the campsite. Non residents are allowed to use the beach without entering into the campsite.

9B. Campsite Beach Operation (seating arrangement, etc.) is carried out according to legal frame working effect.

9C. The campsite’s management must keep record:

The campsite’s management on its own responsibility, must keep an updated record of all guests that have resided or reside in the campsite – their name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) in any camp accommodation, whether it belongs to customers or the camping.

9D. Placement of Camping Equipment

A distance between any form of camping equipment (caravan, motorhome, tent, etc.). of minimum 5 m. should be maintained from the entrance gate and 1,5 m. from each side of the campsite respectively. Τhe number of customers, including permanent customers, should be reduced by 20 percent from the campsite’s approved capacity, provided that the afore mentioned distances of five and 1,5 meters respectively, are kept. Social distancing rule of 1.5 meters must be kept between people that do not stay in the same camp or lodge or do not belong to the same family or company must be ensured in all areas.

9G. Sanitary Facilities

a. Sanitary facilities (such as toilets, showers, hand washing machines, changing rooms, sinks for washing dishes) must be kept clean and in good condition and also properly ventilated during use, according to the Sanitary Provisions.

b. Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities.

A certain written cleaning and supervision schedule should be followed at such a frequency as to ensure that the hygiene conditions of the facilities are maintained round the clock.

c. Placement of waste bins in multiple access points indoors and outdoors.

d. Washbasins must be constantly supplied with soap, hand towels and pedal bins.

Note: For housekeeping of lodges, slide folded, trailer, semi-trailer caravansthat belong to the business, the hygiene provisions for hotels are to be applied.

* N.P.H.O. : National Public Health Organization

* P.P.E.: Personal Protective Equipment

We at CASTLE CAMPING and in application of the above:

  • We placed the caravans and the tents of the campers so that the necessary distances were observed as much as possible.
  • We implemented the necessary measures, in WC and showers of the camping (disinfectants, soaps, markings, etc.).
  • We built a new place for emptying of the chemical toilets of the caravans.
  • We completely isolated the area around the restaurant, so that none of its guests pass through the campsite.
  • We closed the access to the beach with a mobile fence, leaving a door and placing the necessary labels, so that no one enters the campsite from the beach except the residents.
  • We keep the relevant COVID book, registering the arrival and departure of the residents in the camping. For this reason it is mandatory to declare your arrival or departure at the campsite every time.
  • We will NOT strictly allow:

a. the reception and accommodation in your place, of other persons than the permanent members of your family.

b. the entry of daily visitors.